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The Fearless Chase

Jul 26, 2022

Hold up.. they're talking about WHAT on the podcast?! 

Today my friend Raya Reaves is chatting about a topic that can sometimes feel uncomfy... MONEY. 

Raya shares her personal experience getting out of $25K debt. 

Not only that, but she's telling us all about how she went from acting school and in debt to a budgeting...

Jul 19, 2022

Traveling the world with STRANGERS? 

Everyone meet Susie Hutcheson, your new *freaking incredible* friend and your new best IG follow. Susie is on the podcast today and our conversation was just fire.

In this episode, you can expect to hear about... what it's like to travel, with people you've never met, how immersing...

Jul 5, 2022

Claudia is the lip-sync queen, TikTok sensation, and honestly our new BFF. 

In this episode, we are talking about
- Her impressive lip-syncing skills  
- Her 700K following on TikTok and how she navigates showing up on the platform
- How she took her not-so-normal talents and turned them into something that works for...