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The Fearless Chase

Aug 2, 2022

Meet Jenna, the friend every girl wishes she had. 💁🏻‍♀️

I couldn't be more excited to let you know my fellow Texas girly, Jenna Curran, is on the podcast today. This episode is for all my girls who are interested in a life of a content creator. 

We touched on
- How she got involved with Aerie
- What life is like as a micro-influencer
- How to be intentional with friendships 
- What led to her new adventure Little Big Moments
- How we both like to make a big deal out of EVERYTHING!

Not only is this episode full of quality girl talk, but she even shares a game that you MUST play with your friends at your next girls night called "Endless Cheers!" 

Play this episode on your next hot girl walk and see what the "Endless Cheers" game is all about and why Jenna is a girl you wanna know!