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The Fearless Chase

Dec 20, 2022

This episode was SO fun – each of us shared 11 things we learned this year!! We learned things about ourselves, Canada, finances, gluten, travel, and the whole world in general. We really recommend you sit down to journal out 22 things you learned this year – this was a lot harder than we expected. 😳


Happy New...

Dec 13, 2022

Big sister Grace is back and per usual she’s bringing all the best advice. From journeying into motherhood and learning to trust yourself to figuring out your values and learning what to do when people you’ve looked up to let you down, this is a conversation you’ll want to continue with your besties. 


Follow The...

Dec 6, 2022

The holidays are full of traditions – what does your family always do?? Beth reads out various holiday traditions and we rank them smash or pass. Grab a Starbs sugar cookie latte and cozy up with some figgy pudding (whatever that is, lol)


Please let us know what your fav holiday tradition is – we literally love to...