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The Fearless Chase

Nov 5, 2018

Madison welcomes you to the Chase Tribe! This week on The Fearless Chase she interviews Blake Guichet. In this episode, Blake shares with us how to work from a place of more heart and less hustle. 

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Fearlessly chase your dreams like your life depends on it, because it does.


  1. Learn how to rest. Honestly, this could be the whole list, but if you can't learn to function from a place of rest, you'll never be able to work from heart instead of hustle.


  1. Weed out the hustle triggers. Whether it's someone you follow or a job that you do that shouldn't be on your plate, find the things that launch you into an unhealthy hustle and pull them out.


  1. Be honest about your capabilities. You cannot do everything. It's just a fact. And I'd rather do a few things very well than everything half-assed


  1. Assess why you work so hard. Is it to make yourself look good, be praised, etc? Or is it to serve a higher purpose, to serve others, etc.


  1. Shut down comparison. It's evil and it's a time sucker and all it's ever going to do is wreck your world.